All Kinds of SciFi Goodness Happening

Sorry it’s been so long in updating this site, but it’s because so many good things have been happening.

Since I last updated, I’ve finished a novel and a short story, both of which have been sent to my co-writer for his flare, fixes, and awesomeness. Next on my list is a novella, which he and I will be giving away for free!

Stay tuned to learn how to get my next work for absolutely zero clams!


Sorry For The Delay (Excuse time…)

Sorry for the delay in my next book, but I’ve changed courses again. I’ve teamed-up with JR Handley to write a new series in a brand-new universe. Not only that, but I’m also recording a Sci-Fi podcast with him!

We will have three episodes recorded by the end of the day today, and our first will be released for your ear-holes in February.

The Graveyard

From time to time it becomes necessary to create characters whose sole purpose is to perish. For some reason, thinking-up names is one of the most difficult things about writing. For some other reason, some people really like seeing themselves snuffed-out in print. Don’t ask me, I’m just the author.

If you’d like to see yourself snuffed-out in print, enter your name here. You won’t receive anything other than the grim satisfaction of seeing what ultimate demise I come up with… muahaha!