Backblast Area Clear

BackblastThis was a fun anthology to write in. My esteemed co-author, JR Handley, put this baby together. He’s not shy about anything, so asking everyone if they’d like to be part of it was super-easy for him.

Among others, I find myself in the company of:

  • JR Handley
  • MD Cooper – a hard-scifi author who doesn’t mind the challenges of throwing his characters into a battle without faster-than-light travel.
  • Richard Fox – who might be most famous for his mech battles.
  • CJ Carella – whose Warp Marine Corps series is a must-read.

…and many more.

I know it was a lot of work for JR to put this together, but maybe we can talk him into doing another one? If so, I’d love to see some emerging authors get in on this as well. What do you say?

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