Book Review: CTRL ALT Revolt! by Nick Cole

I first heard about this book when JR Handley and I interviewed the author, Nick Cole, on our podcast, Sci-Fi Shenanigans. Once I saw the cover, I had an idea what the book would be about so I was willing to give it a shot. I didn’t high expectations only because I’m just not into video games like I was when I was young. However, that’s all changed now.

The writing, words, and sentence structure of this book are all simple. Not primitive, just simple. The author makes no attempt at being the next Hemingway, but the story does not suffer. It also makes the imagery more powerful because instead of spending a lot of time wondering about what the author meant with his big words or odd metaphors, you just get to enjoy the story.

I lost sleep over this book. Not because it bothered me. To the contrary, because the descriptions were powerful enough to get my mind started, but not so powerful that my imagination could take a back-seat. It’s said that if you give the reader enough information to get started and allow them to fill-in the gaps, they’ll imagine something you couldn’t describe. I believe this is true.

I also enjoyed this book because, like most other books I enjoy, it wasn’t predictable. For this same reason, to get off-topic for a minute, I also enjoy the works of the pianist Doug Hammer. His songs are unpredictable, but every note supports every other note. Great fun!

I spoke with the author, Nick Cole, and he said that he didn’t realize that what he was writing was the new genre LitRPG, but it fits solidly into that category. If you like that genre, you’ll love this book. If you haven’t tried it yet, this would be a great introduction, as it was for me.

You can find the book on Amazon at this link: CTRL ALT Revolt! by Nick Cole

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