Star Wars – What’s the big deal?

I saw this movie. I freely admit it. I also enjoyed it. I freely admit that. What I don’t understand is the vitriol others are giving this film, so before my readers start sending hate-mail, please allow me to explain why.

Oh, and if you haven’t seen the movie yet, SPOILER ALERT!

This movie is obviously the end of an era. It’s the end of the Old Jedi Order, sort of. Luke Skywalker, the last classicaly-trained Jedi is a goner. The books he was trying to save may or may not actually still exist, but even then, Yoda told him they weren’t all that important to begin with.

I understand that this isn’t the way it happened in the books. I’m also okay with that. Rarely do movies actually capture the true essence of the books they are based-on.

In the books, something else happens — there’s a New Jedi Order. A new way of doing things. A new group of Jedi. New enemies and the like. In order to actually make that happen, you’ve got to finish the story of the Old Jedi Order, right?

There’s also the Yuuzhan Vong series to think about. True, you won’t have some of the characters there to play with the creepy war-worshiping villains, but it’s still a possibility.

There’s still the X-Wing saga. There’s still the pre-republic stories that can branch-off in a million different directions. In order to make those happen, one story series needs to end.

Imagine the disappointment if there was never a movie to show us what finally became of Luke Skywalker and the others. That’s something Disney would never have lived-down.

Most of those who are angry about how the movie turned-out seem to be the purists. I’m not a purist. I like Sci-Fi and I can watch movies and suspend disbelief long enough to get through it. I geek-out over the cool tech, the alien races and the trouble characters seem to get themselves into. I’m in it for the fun.

I’m looking forward to whatever Disney does next with the Star Wars franchise. Their next movie might be awful, or it might just be another Star Wars movie with the same tropes, same agenda and lots of pew-pew like the rest. If that’s all they do, I’ll watch the next one after that, too.

One thought on “Star Wars – What’s the big deal?”

  1. My issues are these:
    1) I believe that box office results are rigged and/or faked to an extent.
    2) I believe that certain movies are promoted more and in better ways over other movies depending on what movies the insiders in hollywood want to be promoted as a top movie? In other words among the hollywood elites “you scratch my back ill scratch your back” as the saying goes?
    3) It also depends on what movies open in theaters on the same day? And how long the movies run side by side with each other in the theaters? I believe that all of that is purposely constructed among the hollywood elites?
    So with me, i liked several movies i seen over the years! I cant say that i have a single movie that stands above all of the rest?
    So with me, i do not ever fall into all of the supposed hype pertaining to one movie over another movie.
    But all that i said here is just my opinions. And you know what people say “opinions are a dime a dozen”. Thanks! God bless you!

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