Where do ideas come from?


Raising Goldfish

This is the question authors get more than any other. It’s usually followed by a long-winded speech about how smart the author must be and how the other person could never ever do what they do.

That’s completely false. I’m a firm believer that everyone, each and every single person who can write a complete paragraph, has at least two books within them.

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The Graveyard

From time to time it becomes necessary to create characters whose sole purpose is to perish. For some reason, thinking-up names is one of the most difficult things about writing. For some other reason, some people really like seeing themselves snuffed-out in print. Don’t ask me, I’m just the author.

If you’d like to see yourself snuffed-out in print, enter your name here. You won’t receive anything other than the grim satisfaction of seeing what ultimate demise I come up with… muahaha!

In The Dark

What does it mean to be alive? Can one really know without knowing death, so one has something to compare its present to? How do we learn to feel shame, morality or joy? Who really exists? One mind, one train of thought, one process, and one idea leads to the discovery of universal truths if others will hear and listen.

You can find the Sci-Fi short at this link: In The Dark

For A Few Credits More: The Kra’Daar

The Kra’Daar is my first short story published by a real publisher!

The story takes place in The Four Horsemen Universe where Earth, after getting whooped by a bunch of aliens, decides to change its ways. No, I don’t mean flowers and maypoles, I mean war, mercenaries, and membership in an interplanetary, interspecies government.

My story involves a new race of aliens, called Kra’Daar who evolved to be more plant than humanoid but are still bipedal. They’re primitive, preferring to live off the land and in cooperation with nature, but membership made sense… at the time.

Forced to update their culture, shoehorned into a lifestyle most of the population of their homeworld finds strange, clumsy and confusing, a criminal is on the loose.

Only a Peacemaker can solve the mystery and stop the destruction. A Peacemaker has arrived.

For a Few Credits More is an anthology of short stories all occurring in the same universe. Explore what these authors have come up with and I hope you enjoy The Kra’Daar.

You can find the book on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited and paperback at this link: For A Few Credits More

Cloud Development

Cloud Development is my first full-length novel.

Meteorology changed the day LumoTech Inc. opened for business. Now they occupy acres of land and have the market cornered for meteorological data collection, storage, and distribution. What they don’t have is power, the kind of power that money can’t buy.

With the help of a ten-year-old boy, Mike Stafford, LumoTech might be able to realize the power its corporate officers have been pursuing for decades.

It is available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited at this link: Cloud Development

The Arkhe Principle

ThisThe Arkhe Principle¬†book review, first for my new blog, is going to be a doozie. I’ll do my best to explain what this book is, what kind of reader will likely enjoy it, and what to expect, but I fully admit that I will fall short in this endeavor.

The Arkhe Principle, by Maxwell Rudolf¬†is exactly what the author explains it is… and so much more.

The cover describes the book as a post-apocalyptic technothriller, and it is all of that.

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