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ISOLATION_JPGChange has arrived…

…they weren’t ready.

Troy Reese is a police officer in a high-rise apartment building. Secluded from the rest of the Earth, he and his fellow officers only have to deal with minor issues. There is no violence. No robberies. Nowhere for anyone who might commit a heinous crime to go.

Instead of being happy with his pampered station and easy job, Troy is depressed. Without shame from those walking by their homes and businesses, his neighbors have become complacent. Trash is piling up. Nobody talks to anyone else. Seclusion and anonymity have become personal goals rather than circumstance. The status quo remains unchanged… until there is a murder and an unexpected foe.

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Book Review: Red Rabbit Presents #1


Red Rabbit Presents #1

There are four stories in this book, so I guess it qualifies as an anthology. However, I usually consider anthologies to be at least 10 stories… maybe 8 (just to be generous).

Let me say this first: I recommend buying this book. Not every story is for everyone. Some of the stories spoke to me, while others did not. My co-author had some completely different opinions. So, maybe he’s right. Maybe I’m right. Maybe we’re both wrong. Decide for yourself.

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All Kinds of SciFi Goodness Happening

Sorry it’s been so long in updating this site, but it’s because so many good things have been happening.

Since I last updated, I’ve finished a novel and a short story, both of which have been sent to my co-writer for his flare, fixes, and awesomeness. Next on my list is a novella, which he and I will be giving away for free!

Stay tuned to learn how to get my next work for absolutely zero clams!


Book Review: CTRL ALT Revolt! by Nick Cole

I first heard about this book when JR Handley and I interviewed the author, Nick Cole, on our podcast, Sci-Fi Shenanigans. Once I saw the cover, I had an idea what the book would be about so I was willing to give it a shot. I didn’t high expectations only because I’m just not into video games like I was when I was young. However, that’s all changed now.

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Ever Wonder Why the Internet Seems Slow Sometimes?

For those, like me, who like to geek-out on the coolness that is technology, here’s a pretty picture for you:

This is a digital attack map display. This map shows you the current major hacker attacks across the world. If you’re ever wondering why the Internet seems slow or if it’s just your imagination, maybe it really is slow.